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Teeth Whitening - Naples, FL

Bring Back Your Bright Smile

You brush and floss your teeth every day, but after spending a few extra moments in the mirror this morning, you notice that your teeth have definitely gotten darker and taken on a more yellow hue. What is causing this? More importantly, what can you do to restore your smile’s natural shine? Below, we discuss how Galleria Dentistry can offer treatment options that are customized for you!

How We Can Help

Man's smile compared with tooth shade chart

While there are a seemingly endless amount of whitening products available on store shelves today, this can be confusing! Over the counter whitening may be simply too week to deliver a dramatic result patients desire or can have abrasives that be harmful to the teeth if used too frequently.

At Galleria Dentistry, we can provide customized whitening treatment options based off your lifestyle. We can combine in office laser whitening with home whitening using products much stronger than anything you can buy on your own which can be the fastest! For people who are busy and are frequently on the go we also have solutions for you to help you whiten right way with less time in our office. If you’re interested in making your teeth whiter, then we can make a custom solution for you!

Our Take-Home Whitening Treatment

If you decide to whiten your teeth with us, we can make you your own custom-made take home kit. It will consist of specially designed mouth trays formed to comfortably fit over your teeth. With a custom fit we can use a more powerful bleaching gel you can’t get over the counter. You’ll simply need to use the kit as directed. Patients are monitored weekly to track progress, monitor sensitivity and make changes with gel strength based off your progress. Most patients happily report they can notice a difference after just one session! With our help and guidance our goal is to give you a long lasting smile you can be proud of.

To learn more about our whitening products and see which one might be best for you, contact us today.

Epic White 2Go™

Young woman with brilliant white smile

Epic white 2Go is a one size fits all professional whitening system designed for our patients who want to start whitening right away! ADA approved and produced by a dental manufacturer; the Epic system provides a great service to patients who want to whiten with a high end over the counter option.

Our In-Office Laser Whitening

Young woman with brilliant white smile

Want to jumpstart your choice of home whitening? Our in-office laser whitening is designed to help jumpstart your beautiful whitening results by approximately 2 weeks! With just a one-hour dental visit we can use a high strength whitening gel in combination with a dental laser to help the whitening material penetrate the tooth faster. Patients leave seeing immediate results! Your choice of home whitening is still necessary help you maintain your results and to continue exploring how white your teeth can go.