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Galleria Dentistry Blog

4 Summer Activities That Can Damage Your Teeth

June 23, 2020

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Teens hanging out at beachThis summer may look a little different, but the heat is definitely the same. Before the humidity makes it nearly unbearable to spend any more than a few minutes outside, you decide to join your friends for a quick game of volleyball. However, you’re barely 10 minutes into the game when an accidental elbow knocks your front tooth right out! Goodbye victory win, hello dentist’s chair.

While dental mishaps can happen throughout the year, teeth are particularly susceptible to the damage they endure during the summer because everyone’s more active. To avoid a stained, cracked, or chipped smile, your dentist in North Naples shares four summer activities that can damage your teeth.


What is an Abscess and What Should I Do?

June 12, 2020

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Woman with dental abscess needing an emergency dentist in North Naples. Is a persistent toothache keeping you awake at night? Maybe you’ve noticed a pimple-like bump on your gum near a tooth? You might have a dental abscess that will require an emergency dentist in North Naples to treat it. Even if the pain subsides or the abscess drains on its own, the underlying cause of the infection still hasn’t been resolved. Your dentist can stop the infection and save your tooth if you act quickly.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Smile Sparkling & Healthy in Quarantine

May 18, 2020

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Smiling woman with toothbrush keeps healthy with tips from North Naples dentist Like much of the rest of the world, dental practices have temporarily closed to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. While they are still treating dental emergencies, all “non-essential” visits like checkups and cleanings have been postponed. That means it’s up to you to keep your oral health on track until your dentist reopens! Here are seven easy tips from your North Naples dentist to keep your smile healthy and bright throughout quarantine.


How Dentists Ensure Your Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 20, 2020

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A woman receiving care from a dentist in Naples.Over the past several weeks, COVID-19 has forced people all over the country to make some dramatic changes in their daily lives. While many businesses have been forced to make serious considerations in how they conduct themselves, sanitization protocols are a fact of life for dental practices. They already take many steps to prevent disease transmission and protect the safety of their patients, and the current pandemic only makes them push these high standards even further. To learn why you have nothing to worry about when it’s time for your routine checkup with a dentist in Naples, take a moment to read about the many precautions taken prior to your arrival and after you finish your appointment!


Helpful Tips For Handling 7 Common Holiday Dental Emergencies

December 11, 2019

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Snowman holding a first-aid kitDuring the busy holiday season, the last thing on your mind is your oral health. But if you experience a dental emergency, that can quickly change. Especially since they often happen at the most inconvenient times, like New Year’s Eve! When holiday dental emergencies strike, the first thing to do is call an emergency dentist or go to the nearest hospital (more on that below). Then use the tips in this blog for handling the 7 most common emergencies until you can be seen.


Protect Your New Teeth! 4 Handy Tips for Avoiding an Infection with Dental Implants

August 19, 2019

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Implant in MouthOne of the biggest advantages of dental implants in Naples is that they can last for decades – even a lifetime! This makes it one of the most reliable, durable solutions available for repairing a smile that has a few gaps in it. However, no treatment is perfect; if the area around the site becomes infected, the implant could fail, and you might need to have it removed. Luckily, there are 4 simple steps you can take to help avoid this!


6 Celebrities Who Used Invisalign in Naples

June 17, 2019

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woman holding aligners

Do you have crooked teeth but don’t want to go through the embarrassment and discomfort of wearing braces? Fortunately, there is another option: Invisalign, the set of clear aligners you wear over your teeth to gradually straighten your smile. Did you know that even celebrities have used this treatment to obtain a beautiful smile? Read on to learn more about Invisalign in Naples and 6 celebrities who have used it.


Do This for a Summertime Dental Emergency in North Naples

May 16, 2019

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young girl holding face in painFor your children, the summer months represent unending fun without the worries of having to complete homework assignments or to adhere to a rigid bedtime schedule. Unfortunately, though, this is also the peak time of the year for dental trauma. So as a parent, it’s best to be prepared; therefore, if an emergency occurs, you’ll know what steps you need to take. Read on to learn how to effectively respond to a dental emergency in North Naples.


Your Dentist in Naples Explains the Link between Gum and Heart Health

February 20, 2019

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February is American Heart Health Month. Learn about the relationship your gum health has with your heart from a dentist in Naples. February is American Heart Health Month and National Gum Disease Awareness Month. Did you know that these 2 pieces of your health are actually linked? In fact, an increasing number of studies show a relationship between the health of your gums and the health of your heart. In an effort to raise awareness on the importance of keeping your gums healthy, your dentist in Naples has explained some of the risks and prevention tips for gum disease.


Healthy Habits for the New Year from Your Dentist in Naples

January 11, 2019

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Man and woman brushing teethTaking care of your teeth and gums may be a lot more important than you think. With an increasing number of studies linking oral health to your overall wellbeing, a great way to make a healthy change in the new year is to take care of your mouth! Thankfully, your dentist in Naples has some easy and effective habits that you can get into for 2019. That way, you can keep your teeth looking great and your overall health in good shape.


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