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How Dental Implants Work – Naples, FL 

The Dental Implant Procedure From Start To Finish

If you've experienced tooth loss, you may have given up hope that you'll ever have a happy, healthy smile again. At Galleria Dentistry, we can confidently say that simply isn't true! Dental implants in Naples are an excellent way to restore your smile and have become an incredibly popular replacement option over the years. If you've been thinking about replacing your missing teeth, a good place to start is learning how dental implants work. Below, you'll find a short guide that explains the process from start to finish. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us anytime!

Initial Dental Implant Consultation

Smiling man in the dental chair

The first step is a consultation. Dental implants work wonderfully for most people, but we want to make sure you’re a good candidate and talk about your goals beforehand. In addition to having reasonably good overall health, it's important to have adequate bone density in your jaws. However, rest assured that there are treatment options such as a bone graft or sinus lift for people who have a thin or weak jawbone. If necessary, these procedures can be done before getting implants to strengthen the jaw and ensure long-term success.

Dental Implant Surgery

An X-ray of the human jaw

After the initial consultation and any preliminary procedures have been done, the next step is a small, in-office surgery to have the implant placed in your jaw. To make sure you get the best possible care, we partner with specialists in the area who have completed advanced training in implant placement.

Once the implant has been positioned, the surgeon will put a healing cap over it to protect the area for the next several months. The surgery typically takes 1-2 hours per implant and is much easier than people anticipate.

Dental Implant Osseointegration & Abutment 

An implant in the lower jaw

Osseointegration is a process that occurs in the months following your surgery as your implant "fuses" with the surrounding jawbone. This is what gives implants such a strong foundation and allows them to function the same way your natural teeth do. On average, osseointegration takes 3-6 months, but it may require more or less time depending on each patient's needs.

After osseointegration is complete, the healing cap is removed and an adaptor called an abutment is attached to the implant. This will securely connect the implant to its final restoration.

Placement of Dental Implant Restorations 

Dental implant, abutment, and crown

Depending on how many teeth you're replacing, the last step of your implant procedure is having it restored with a crown, bridge, or denture. While the implant itself takes the place of a missing root, these restorations replace the missing crowns of your teeth to restore both function and appearance. And, with an eye for aesthetics, our team of experienced dentists will make sure your new smile looks fantastic!