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CEREC Same-Day Crowns in Naples

Crowns in just one visit are possible at Galleria Dentistry. With CEREC, or chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics, your dentist in Naples uses CAD/CAM technology and an in-house milling machine to prepare for, manufacture, and place your crown -- all from the comfort of our state-of-the-art office. Learn more about the process from Dr. Gery BenzaDr. Anthony Benza, and Dr. Chelsea Benza today.

How the CEREC Process Works

Traditionally, a dental crown requires two visits to the dentist with the use of a temporary crown worn in the time between appointments. The temporary crown is not customized to match the rest of the smile, however, and is also prone to breaking.

With the CEREC method, your permanent, sturdy crown is completed in just one appointment (hence the name “same-day crown”).

Here’s how the procedure for a crown works with CEREC.

After your crown is ready -- a process that takes less than half an hour -- your dentist will check to make sure it fits, feels, and looks just like it should. Last-minute adjustments are made before the crown is securely bonded onto the affected tooth.

Advantages of CEREC Same-Day Crowns

How does CEREC benefit you? Some of the most common advantages of choosing the same-day method are listed below. Which one will you enjoy most?

Most people who need a crown are good candidates for the CEREC treatment. A dental crown is the chosen restoration for repairing teeth that are broken, decayed, weak, worn, or cosmetically flawed. CEREC crowns look just like the natural teeth, so they are an excellent option for fixing damage anywhere in the smile.

Caring for Your New Dental Crown

Just like a traditional crown, when properly maintained, your CEREC crown can be expected to last for many years. Brush, floss, and spend a little time on the area at the base of your crown to keep the teeth and gums surrounding it healthy. If you start to notice your crown loosening or if it falls off, contact your dentist immediately for repair. 

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Do you have a faulty filling or decay that needs a dental crown? With current technology, there’s no need to wait two or more weeks for the entire treatment. Same day crowns are possible with CEREC from Galleria Dentistry! Please contact us to schedule an appointment with your dentist in 34109 today.

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