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How to Know If You Need a Dental Filling

October 19, 2022

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A woman receiving dental fillings

If you pay attention to oral care, you’ve likely heard of dental fillings. Namely, they’re composite materials used to repair or restore teeth. That said, you might not know if you need fillings for your own pearly whites. It’s vital that you do, though, as treatment could prevent serious health problems down the line. Fortunately, your Naples dentist is here to offer some help. Read on to learn three signs you need a filling, as well as the best type for you.

Signs You Need a Dental Filling

In general, fillings work to treat dental decay or damage. Signs of the latter conditions include:

Tooth Sensitivity

Your enamel might wear out if you’ve developed new tooth sensitivity. In that case, there’s a chance you’re developing cavities that need fillings.

A Toothache or Sharp Pain

Unless you recently damaged a tooth, a toothache will often stem from a nearby cavity. If pain from this ache continues and becomes frequent, you should see your dentist for a possible filling.

A Tooth with a Dark Spot or Hole

When you see a dark spot or hole in your tooth, the latter likely has a cavity. Given its visibility, see your dentist for a filling right away — delaying treatment could lead to needing a root canal and crown.

What Kind of Filling is Right for You?

The best kind of filling for your smile will depend on your situation. For instance, you should consider factors like the decay’s location, the cost of filling material, etc. That said, fillings usually come in four types:

  • Gold fillings: Gold fillings are long-lasting and robust, often having lifespans of 15 years or more. On the other hand, they’re also costly and tend to look gaudy.
  • Amalgam (silver) fillings: Amalgam fillings are often as durable as gold ones while being less expensive. In exchange, though, they don’t match your tooth color and have harmful mercury levels.
  • Tooth-colored composites: Composite fillings wear out sooner than amalgams and are also fragile. However, composites also blend with your smile and support your tooth structure.
  • Porcelain fillings: Porcelain fillings are durable, match your tooth color, and resist staining. Even so, they usually cost as much as gold ones.

Knowing the items above gives you a good idea of whether you need dental fillings. As such, consider them carefully and talk with your local dentist for more treatment details.

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