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Chews Wisely: Foods You Should Avoid If You Wear Dentures

October 13, 2023

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An older man smiling with his dentures

Dentures are an invaluable restorative solution for giving back complete smiles and functional bites. While they offer numerous benefits, including improved aesthetics and speech, dentures also come with some unwritten dietary restrictions. Avoiding these when you first start wearing dentures will help you improve your quality of life early on.

If you want to see which foods you may want to avoid once you’ve committed to dentures, continue reading.

1. Steak

Tough cuts of meat, such as steaks or certain cuts of pork, can be challenging for denture wearers. Opt for tender, lean meats, or consider alternatives like ground beef or turkey. If you just have to have your sirloin, cut it into small pieces before consuming it.

2. Nuts and Popcorn

Crunching on hard nuts and seeds or chomping on popcorn kernels can exert excessive pressure on dentures, leading to potential damage. If you need a nutty fix, opt for nut butters or finely chopped nuts instead. If you eat popcorn, be sure to chew mindfully and clean your dentures afterward.

3. Sticky or Hard Candy

Avoid hard or sticky candies, caramels, and chewy snacks that can adhere to dentures. These properties make your prosthetics difficult to clean and could cause some discomfort. If you crave sweets, stick with the melt-in-your-mouth kind like dark chocolate.

4. Hard or Chewy Bread

Certain dense and chewy bread varieties like sourdough, biscotti, or baguettes can be problematic for denture wearers. Choose softer bread options like honey wheat or dinner rolls.

5. Raw Vegetables and Fruits

This is probably the first time you’ve ever been told not to eat your veggies, but it comes with a caveat. Raw vegetables and fruits with a tough or crunchy texture, like apples and carrots, can be difficult to bite into comfortably. Whenever you want vegetables, they should always be steamed or otherwise softened through cooking.

Just because you need to wear dentures doesn’t mean you have to give up the foods you love. Some sacrifices may need to be made, but you can always find a way to modify your cooking. Choose your foods wisely and visit your dentist if you find any problems with your prosthetics.

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